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Gregg Walker
Propane Education & Research Council

Propane Council Funds Major 2014 Programs

Market outreach, national PR campaign to tell propane’s safety, training, technology story

WASHINGTON (December 20, 2013) — The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC), meeting last week in Amelia Island, Fla., approved $15 million in funding for 2014 programs designed to stimulate demand for propane in all markets, elevate consumer safety and workforce training, and engage propane professionals around the country in the commercialization of new propane-fueled products.

The Council authorized $7.8 million for 2014 market outreach and communications activities that include more direct engagement with decision makers in the construction, fleet, landscape, and agricultural sectors through training programs, trade shows, new-product demonstrations, digital platforms, and market-specific outreach initiatives. The plan also extends the national thought-leadership campaign that in 2013 earned widespread positive television, radio, print and online coverage for propane. 

“The upcoming year offers meaningful opportunities for propane to gain market share in all market segments. I am especially hopeful that builders will respond to  our new residential campaign to show builders how they can get a competitive advantage in a tight construction market with the Propane Energy Pod, which is our name for a full suite of propane applications,"  PERC President and CEO Roy Willis said. “To succeed we must reach decision makers and give them the t information and tools they need to understand propane's exceptional value proposition.”

Council Chairwoman Paula Wilson, marketing director with AmeriGas in Valley Forge, Pa., encouraged propane marketers to become personally involved and take full advantage of the safety, training, and commercialization materials developed by the Council and industry volunteers.

“These market outreach programs will be most successful with the full engagement of the propane industry, as more marketers help tell the winning story about our product, a clean American fuel,” Wilson said. “Consumers and businesses turn to propane when they learn how they can save money and cut emissions with the cutting-edge technology that PERC has funded. Our job in 2014 is to expand our efforts to get the word out.”

In other Council business last week:

• The Council approved $575,000 in funding for the popular Marketer Technology and Sales Training program, which trains marketers on the latest propane technology and prepares them to introduce newly commercialized products to their customers.

• The Council approved $1.8 million in funding for the 2014 Partnership with States program. These initiatives help propane marketers, state foundations, and state councils support programs in safety, end-user training, and research and development.

• The Council approved $1,389,500 in funding for the 2014 PERC partnership agreement with the Gas Processors Association and the National Propane Gas Association.

• Councilors saw for the first time a new 50-second safety video that is designed to discourage do-it-yourselfers from working on home gas systems and persuade them to hire professionals to install, repair, or modify gas appliances and equipment. The video is to begin running in the first quarter of 2014 on websites catering to do-it-yourselfers.
The Council approved the following funding requests while in Amelia Island:

Docket 18368 — PSI 6.0L Integration and Installation of Bi-Phase System, $44,000
Docket 19054 — PSI 8.8L Off-Highway Engine Development, $1,038,800
Docket 19165 — Update Greenhouse Gas Emissions Comparative Analysis, $131,000
Docket 19174 — 2014 Industry Outreach, $290,000
Docket 19177 — Gas Check Update, $179,750
Docket 19180 — Optimizing Propane-fueled Air Cooled Engines, $135,000
Docket 19185 — 2014 Partnership with States, $1,800,000
Docket 19188 — 2014 Corporate Communications, $2,300,000
Docket 19189 — 2014 Residential and Commercial Outreach, $3,000,000
Docket 19190 — 2014 Off-Road Market Outreach, $995,000
Docket 19191 — 2014 Autogas Market Outreach, $750,000
Docket 19192 — 2014 Agriculture Market Outreach, $725,000
Docket 19199 — 2014 Marketer Technology and Sales Training, $575,000
Docket 19200 — 2014 Propane Farm Incentive, $895,600
Docket 19213 — Plant Operations E-Learning, $259,830
Docket 19214 — Plant Emergency Response Guide, $85,830
Docket 19245 — 2014 Propane Market Research Initiative, $399,580
Docket 19246 — 2014 Partnership Agreement with GPA, NPGA, $1,389,500
Docket 19247 — 2014 Advisory Committee and Program Support, $459,000
Docket 19248 — 2013 API Survey and Report, $177,782

Since the October Council meeting report, PERC approved 25 state rebate requests with a total value of $1,156,462. Eight approved requests valued at $216,623 were awarded Partnership with States funding. 

The Council next meets by conference call on February 13, 2014.