Eligibility for Interest and Penalty Waiver Notice

PERC recognizes that some organizations, whether established or new to the industry, don’t know of their assessment requirements under the Propane Education and Research Act of 1996 or don’t fully understand the assessment requirements, such as those related to the treatment of imports. And so they may be surprised to learn not only of their requirement to pay the assessment but also of PERC’s authority to collect overdue assessments together with 5 percent penalty and 1.5 percent interest per month.

To minimize the financial impact of the collection of back or overdue assessments, PERC has instituted a waiver on interest and penalties under certain conditions. To be eligible for this waiver, a remitter must both reasonably demonstrate that an oversight of past assessments was unintentional and — when the oversight is found — fully cooperate with PERC’s assessment investigations.