Partnership with States

Created in 2001 to unify the industry behind collaborative efforts to drive growth in the safe, efficient use of propane gas as a preferred energy resource, PERC’s Partnership with States Program was redefined in 2010 to support PERC 2.0, including joint efforts and shared funding for safety, training, and research and development.

The program fulfilled its mission throughout its first decade primarily through support for national advertising campaigns, such as the “Energy Guys,” and other consumer education efforts. But the authority to engage in consumer education activities was restricted in 2009, as a result of the Commerce Department’s price analysis finding under the Propane Education and Research Act of 1996.

Selected on their ability to fulfill the strategic objective of helping to drive increased demand for propane, partnership activities will consist of a limited number of model programs that can be measured and evaluated. They will primarily target external audiences, such as residential consumers, builders, farmers, fleets, and fire services, among others. Participation by local marketers in funded activities should be encouraged and coordinated by states.

Funding will be allocated among states based on the API sales survey, which is also used to allocate state rebates. A dollar-for-dollar match for these programs is being recommended in an effort to generate immediate support and implementation of these new programs by the states.