PERC works with manufacturers, researchers, and government partners to strengthen technical knowledge, leverage funding, and maximize investments in developing new propane products.  We encourage proposals for projects that align with the Council’s strategic needs.

If you have questions or issues you would like to discuss prior to preparing an application, we encourage you to telephone or send an e-mail message to the appropriate director:

Residential & Commercial – Greg Kerr, Director of Research and Development, 202.452.8975

Agriculture – Cinch Munson, Director of Agriculture Programs,  202.452.8975 

Engine Fuel – Michael Taylor, Project Manager, Engine Fuel Programs, 202.452.8975

Fundamental R&D – Greg Kerr, Director of Research and Development, 202.452.8975


Preparing your application

The first step to apply for funding is to complete a brief Project Summary describing your idea.  This step serves as an idea screen, opening the door to a preliminary investigation of the project.

You will enter your Project Summary online via the Council’s Grants and Rebates Management System.

Step 1. Download the Idea Submission form, complete it offline and save it on your local computer.  You will upload the finished document as part of the online funding request submission.
Step 2. Collect the information you will need to complete your submission online.  You will need the following information:

Contact Information:

• Information regarding who will carry out the work.
• Name of your organization (and acronym if commonly used).
• Organization’s address (and courier address if different).
• Organization’s phone number, fax number, and e-mail address, if any.
• Name and title of the principal contact person, if different from the above.
• Address (and courier address if different), phone number, and fax number of principal contact
• E-mail address of principal contact
• Web address, if any.

Summary Project Information:

• Name or topic of the proposed project or work to be done.
• A brief statement (500 maximum characters, including spaces) of the purpose and nature of the proposed work.
• Time period for which funding is requested.
• Amount of funding requested from the Council and total project cost (estimates are acceptable).
• Organizations providing co-funding for the project, if applicable.
• Name of the project lead and members of the project team.

Step 3. Submit yor funding request via the Council's Grants Management System.


The Council’s Response

We will send you an acknowledgment that your Project Summary was received, and we will direct it to the council's advisory committee for review. If, as a result of that review, the Council concludes that there is no prospect of Council funding, we will notify you promptly. Projects determined eligible for grant support will be acknowledged upon receipt at the Council; the review process for eligible inquiries can take up to eight weeks.  All material submitted becomes the property of the Council.



With few exceptions, there are no fixed deadlines for submitting a grant funding request.


The Propel Process

The Council manages its projects using a customized process called Propel, based on the methodology of the best-practices based Stage-Gate process. The Propel process provides a roadmap of activities that should be performed at each stage of work and allows the Council and staff to evaluate the project’s performance against predetermined criteria throughout the life of the project. The emphasis is placed on developing projects through effective planning, and thoroughly understanding the technical, economic, and market potential and risks.

Once a project is submitted, the project is evaluated based on its fit with the strategic direction and resource availability of the Council. If the project progresses beyond the initial review (Gate 1 Review), a Council staff member is assigned to the project. The staff member will discuss with the grantee the activities and deliverables required through Propel and work with the grantee to ensure the project deliverables are completed in accordance with the Council’s schedule.

Approval at the Gate 1 Review does not guarantee Council support or funding of the project.