Capacity of Texas, Powertrain Integration, CleanFuel USACertification and integration of an 8.0-liter engine fueled by propane autogas for off-road terminal truck applications.

Capacity 8-Liter Propane Engine for Off-Road Terminal Truck Applications (Docket 16896) — $2,000,000

Challenge Terminal trucks are used continually in dockyards and large warehouse operations to move intermodal containers and freight trailers. New emissions regulations and concern for the environment in many states has increased demand for alternative-fueled vehicles that reduce airborne pollutants. Capacity of Texas has partnered with PERC to modify, certify, and integrate an 8.0-liter propane engine in terminal truck applications.

Partnership with PERC PERC is supporting Capacity of Texas in the modification and certification of the General Motors (GM) 8.0-liter engine for use in off-road terminal truck applications and the integration of the engine into the trucks. The GM 8.0-liter engine is currently being developed as part of the PERC-supported Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation project that also involves Powertrain Integration and CleanFuel USA.

Working in tandem with members of the Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation project team, Capacity of Texas is designing and engineering the terminal truck vehicle systems to integrate the GM 8.0-liter engine and propane autogas fuel system, and will commercialize the off-road vehicles upon certification. Powertrain Integration and CleanFuel USA will leverage their work in the Freightliner project, such as the fuel system hardware, control software, and calibration work, to modify the engine and fuel system for terminal truck applications.

Result Capacity of Texas expects to complete the project in October 2012, following California Air Resources Board (CARB) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification of the engine and application. By bringing together key partners like Capacity of Texas, Powertrain Integration, and CleanFuel USA, PERC is maximizing the value of the R&D going into the GM 8.0-liter engine and will help fill the void in the off-road market with a more efficient and environmentally friendly terminal truck.

  • Emits fewer greenhouse gases and smog-producing hydrocarbons than diesel-powered vehicles.
  • Application will be CARB- and EPA-certified.
  • Equivalent horsepower, torque, and Gross Combined Weight Ratings (125,000-lb. GCWR).

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