Generac Power SystemsDevelopment, demonstration, and commercialization of the 6-kilowatt EcoGen premium generator designed specifically for use in renewable hybrid power systems.

Demonstration Units and Installations of 6-Kilowatt Off-Grid Generator (Docket 16412) — $45,250
Premium Genset Development and Commercialization (Docket 15490) — $524,000

Challenge Systems that generate power from renewable resources require a reliable source of additional power to compensate for the intermittent nature of wind and solar energy. Environmentally friendly propane generators can optimize the reliability of renewable hybrid power generation systems by efficiently generating power when renewable systems are unable to meet customer demand. Generac Power Systems partnered with PERC to develop, demonstrate, and commercialize the 6-kilowatt EcoGen premium generator set optimized for use in renewable hybrid power systems.

Partnership with PERCPERC supported Generac in the development, testing, demonstration, and commercialization of the EcoGen — a low-cost, long-life premium generator fueled by propane. Using Generac’s OHVI (overhead valve industrial) propane engine, the EcoGen easily integrates into a renewable hybrid power system to produce power automatically when the system requires more than the amount generated by wind or solar energy.

Generac partnered with PERC to develop two prototype units and conduct 5,000-hour endurance and validation testing to confirm performance specifications, such as system noise level and the expected 500-hour maintenance interval. Throughout the process, Generac implemented design revisions that further improved system efficiency and reliability. Once the system was ready for widespread distribution, PERC supported Generac in optimizing a manufacturing process, performing pilot-scale production runs, and continuously monitoring system performance.

Result The Generac EcoGen is now available for purchase — nearly 200 units have been sold since the launch of the product in October 2010 — and will compete for a share of the rapidly growing market for hybrid power generation systems. Partnering with PERC helped Generac advance hybrid systems that use wind and solar sources by providing a reliable, efficient, and environmentally friendly source of additional power.

  • Operates quietly at 52 decibels.
  • Increases reliability and efficiency of hybrid renewable systems that integrate propane generators.
  • Decreases oil degradation, extending maintenance intervals to 500 hours — five times the industry standard.
  • Offers an engine life three to four times as long as many competitive engines.

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