Yanmar America Corporation, Gas Technology InstituteDevelopment and testing of a 10-kilowatt micro-CHP unit for use at small commercial sites.

Development and Commercialization Support of Yanmar Micro-Combined Heat and Power (CHP) (Docket 16744) — $725,000
Yanmar CHP Performance Testing & Field Evaluation (Docket 11866) — $224,122

Challenge Micro-combined heat and power (micro-CHP) systems provide heat and generate electricity with higher efficiency than conventional heating and power generation alternatives. Yanmar is a manufacturer that has successfully produced micro-CHP systems that are popular in Japan and now emerging in European markets. Recognizing the potential of producing and selling its 10-kilowatt micro-CHP system in the United States, Yanmar partnered with PERC to demonstrate and commercialize a reliable, efficient 10-kilowatt micro-CHP system.

Partnership with PERCPERC is currently supporting Yanmar in the testing, demonstration, and commercialization of the 10-kilowatt micro-CHP system that will provide an efficient, reliable source of heat and electricity for businesses looking to reduce costs and develop more sustainable operating practices. The unit operates quietly, recovering waste heat for space and water heating while producing some or all of the power that a small commercial site needs.

Prior to this project, PERC supported the Gas Technology Institute’s (GTI) efforts to adapt Yanmar’s 5-kilowatt Japanese model to meet U.S. performance standards, which aided the adaption of the 10-kilowatt unit. With PERC support, Yanmar will obtain an ETL listing and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emission certification, and run a long-term (10,000 hours) durability test of two 10-kilowatt units. Yanmar will also conduct a one-year, 10-unit field demonstration with its partners in the Northeast.

Result Yanmar will continue to conduct its testing and demonstration efforts as it gears up to launch the product in 2012. By partnering with PERC, Yanmar will be able to launch its product in the United States, providing small commercial sites with a clean, reliable source of heat and electricity.

  • Converts around 85 percent of fuel energy to heat and power; grid-based generation converts only 33 percent.
  • Provides backup power automatically to ensure an uninterrupted power supply.
  • Has a 10,000-hour maintenance interval.
  • Operates quietly.
  • Designed to meet 2011 EPA emissions standards.

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