Propane-fueled microturbines generate electricity on site for homes or businesses and in vehicles such as hybrid buses.

PERC develops and demonstrates innovative propane-fueled microturbines and explores fuel issues that affect microturbine performance. This research responds to increasing consumer interest in technologies that provide reliable on-site power generation with lower emissions than conventional power generation alternatives.

Field Test Program


A program to field test propane-fueled microturbines was developed to demonstrate the applications and benefits of using propane-fueled microturbines. These efforts helped to promote the use of propane as a viable, easy-to-use fuel source in the emerging and potentially large field of microturbine generation.

Fuel Supply Equipment


Fuel supply equipment for microturbine generators provides the system with the propane it needs to drive the small turbine that is integral to producing power. Researchers developed and demonstrated four new prototypes of fuel supply equipment and provided technical support to microturbine manufacturers regarding propane-fueled stationary microturbine applications.

Hybrid Bus Microturbines


Microturbines can be used to charge the batteries in hybrid-electric buses, enabling the buses to travel longer distances and remain low-emission vehicles. Researchers stepped in to improve the performance of hybrid bus microturbine projects by helping to resolve propane quality issues, develop new technology to deal with coalescent filters in vapor-phase fuel systems, and design and assemble an activated carbon filter for future tests.

Market Assessment: Propane Distributed Generation


The Propane Distributed Generation Market Assessment is an evaluation of the technologies, markets, and trends for propane-fueled distributed generation applications of less than 1 megawatt. The study estimated the market and propane volume potential for the different distributed generation market segments. This research provides the basis for the development of a commercialization plan to help the propane industry realize the potential market for propane-fueled distributed generation.