Propane Technology Reviews

The Propane Technology Review offers an overview of the new programs, projects, and partnerships that PERC’s research and development mission has helped to develop. Released biannually, the review details research and development efforts that have the potential to expand propane markets and achieve industry goals.


 Cover of 2010 Propane Technology Review 

The 2010 Propane Technology Review focuses on the commercialization of propane technologies, an important part of PERC’s updated technology development strategy. The report features significant projects and partnerships that helped to bring new propane equipment, vehicles, and appliances to market, with additional focus on the many green benefits of propane technology.

 PTR 2008 

The 2008 Propane Technology Review details PERC research and development projects that were launched through partnerships with academic, government, industrial, and international organizations. Projects in 2008 explored propane’s green advantages, critical new markets for product commercialization, and ways to improve efficiency in propane distribution and production.

 PTR 2006 

The 2006 Propane Technology Review highlights PERC’s research and development projects that develop strategic partnerships; explore critical markets for propane fuel; facilitate market entry; and develop, demonstrate, and commercialize propane technologies. The report introduces a wide range of R&D projects, all with the potential to bring new propane-fueled technologies to market.